Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Traditional Earrings Haul

Added few traditional earrings to my artifical jewellery collection. Though I  allergic to artificial earrings and hardly wear them but at times I just feel like buying them. I love wearing such earrings with traditional outfits. At times I carry them in my bag and wear them while at function and as soon as we leave I remove them. 

 below two pairs of earrings are from Lajpat nagar, I think these were for around Rs 150 each 

 silver color balli

Dull golden Jhumki style earrings

Below are from Chandigarh priced Rs 250-300

Colored meena worked earrings

Pear earrings, I liked these most

Pearl earrings with color drop

Did you liked any of these?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dinner with friends at Parikrama

Last night we meet our school-college friends. We meet after a long gap of 5 months and this was first time that our kids meet. 

We went to Parikrama revolving restaurant in CP, Delhi. I have heard a lot about this place. Concept is that this resultant which is on 25th floor is revolving and you can have a fantastic view of CP from there. 

We made reservations before going however when we reached there it was waiting of 10-15mins. And we were told it's on first come first serve basis. With kids we were little disappointed that we had to wait.  Single lift and you have to wait for while, plus there is something weird about lift too, I feel sick in it.

Ambiance was decent
Service was decent 
Menu regular Indian, Chinese
Starters average 
Food average - we tried but Chinese and Indian dishes 
Quantity decent 
Alcohol average we ordered beer however few options from menu were not available 
Other drinks average, I liked fresh lime only (I had 2 glasses of these)
Price Expensive

We four tried Starters - Chilli potatoes, veg kebabas. For main course we asked manger to recommend their speciality and he suggested Dal makhani. We odered Dal Makhani and vegetable in almond sause, fried rice and breads. Food was just average. With just 2 beer our bill was around Rs 6000 without sweets. 

My view it's was a decent place with good view outside. Lift men, gaurd at door, in parking area they all expect tips so do keep some change in pocket. I would not like to go there again. 

Sid and Sayen posing, I must say both of them were well behaved and meeting old friends is so much fun.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Outfit for husband birthday

On 16th it was my hubby bday and we had a small celebration at home then went for lunch 

I wore cute dress, accessories and footwear that came along with yourbox_india

Mint Green Necklace and baby pink earrings 

candy pink funky wrist watch

 Outfit and trying which hairstyle look better, it was so hot yesterday and want to keep my hair tied 

Loved my yourbox_India my MIL also liked it and want to know how to place order (May be wants to give me a surprise by gifting one more) :))

Birthday cake from country inn and Suits

Father daughter same pinch lol

Carried a shrug it was cold inside restaurant

PS this is not a paid post neither box was  sponsered.
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