Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Footwear haul

Girls can never have enough shoes..... And makeup... And clothes.....

Went crazy this weekend and picked up 6 pair of shoes from @lifestylestores

Pre winter shopping has started with buying ballerinas  and one golden shimmer flats for upcoming festivals @paprika_india fro Rs 1200

A white and neon pink flamingo footwear #ginger Rs 500

All time favourite soft felt Lepord print ballerina #ginger Rs 500

Black and baby blue bow ballerina from #ginger Rs 500

Light weight, very comfortable fabric and cute designs. Best is they are very economical

Other pairs were same style bought by SIL 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Max haul

Few days beck, I went to moments mall and the only store I entered was Max Fashion Indian and within 10 mins I was out with 4 outfits for myself and one for My girl

Huge collection and well planned store. New pre winters stock was there. 

I picked up two basic tops from brand max , priced within Rs 500 and two dresses from Bossini proced approx Rs1200 each Thankfully all outfit were perfect fit as I bought hem without trying.

I am planning to check out store once more and this time when I have sufficient time to check stuff and try them out. 

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Shopping AliExpress

I was never interested in buying clothes online however during pregnancy and post delivery I spend lot of time checking out products and things online. And when you are shoppoholic you could not resist buying. 

I was looking for animal print dress for Sayen (such prints are my weekness) and I found one on AliExpress. It has huge collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, decor and what not. I liked collection for men, women and kids. 

Since it was my first purchase so as a trial I bought only one outfit for Sayen. 

It's simple to create an account, make payment. You will get notification from vendor about dispatch of product. Also you can keep track of your purchase as they provide you with tracking no. They have many products for which there are no shipping charges. And those who have shopping charges are also quite reasonable.

It took around 45+ days before my order was delivered. I was little less hopeful that I would receive it. They provide 60 days guarantee and incase you don't receive product you could open an issue with the vendor. Which I really like.

Product received was exactly what was mentioned and shown in pictures. Only issue was size I find it little small. May be my girl is taller than average babies that's why.

Dress was super cute and it comes along with headband and matching shoes. Which fits her perfectly. 

Link- http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32267260738.html?adminSeq=220779967&productId=32267260738&productId=32267260738&productId=32267260738&shopNumber=1182108&productSubject=Baby-girl-dress-Rhinestone-Shoes-Baby-Headband-Set-vestido-bebe-menina-clothes-infant-girls-Newborn-girl&productSubject=Baby-girl-dress-Rhinestone-Shoes-Baby-Headband-Set-vestido-bebe-menina-clothes-infant-girls-Newborn-girl&tracelog=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail

It cost me 22.82USD for dress, shoes and headband. I would like to try and shop other things too. 

What I like
Huge collection
Easy navigation
Easy payment 
Free shipping on many products
Decent quality

What I don't like
Delivery time is long
In my case product size was not as I expected

Ps- this is my personal opinion, this is not a sponsored post.
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