Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Use of Singe eyeshadow on Black Base

I am still learning how to wear eye makeup. While I can use eye liners easily, I find didficult to use eye shadows. Kept on looking at beautiful EOTD's of  fellow bloggers and think of trying those on myself. So this Friday when everyone was at work and I was getting bored, so thought of playing with eye shadows.         

Product used MUA Artistic palette. This is my most used palette when I do trials. 
Colorbar Black out Liner
One blending brush and other thin brush for lower line.

1. Used black liner and liner upper eye properly and then using same liner make a V to outer corner of the eye. 
2. Using a brush spread this black color with light hand movement inwards going till midway. 
3. Then used Dirty blue (Ice) shade and spread it ll over eye lid and blend till shades looks even all over eyes and mixed well.. 
4. Finally once again used black liner and outline upper and water line.
5. With the help of thin brush and same eyeshadow carefully applied eyeshadow below water line

Same steps with purple (Grape) eyeshadow. 
Which one did you like?? Dirty blue or Purple???

Boy was laughing at me as if he just saw a clown.. Opss.. may be with two different eye-shadows I was indeed looking like a clown :P

Monday, 14 April 2014

Fun Friday- Shopping & Cute Night Dresses

Hey, How was your weekend? 

I was not well on Friday and spend Saturday most of day resting and evening shopping in local market. I picked up some really cute knee length night dresses at super cheap prices. Fabric was so soft and prints are adorable.

First two were for Rs 250 each, these are in hosiery-cotton stuff. With temperature soaring wanted a soft light fabric. both of these have side pockets. 

First one is in blush pink color with lots of bunnies on it. Second one is n bright blue it has a bear with umbrella

Below one was for Rs 400. This fabric is very light and super sot. Not sue what its called but loved it. Have asked shopkeeper to get more in such fabric. A bunny with cut bow and she is wining at you :P

Saturday watched Queen movie on DVD, good acting by Kangana and Liza look very se*y. 

 Sunday we tried cooking Manchurian and fried rice @ home. I am a very bad cook so SIL cooked delicious Chinese. Evening again we went for shopping more for home (bedsheets, sofas cum bed for TV room, table cloth etc.)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Soap & Glory - The Daily Smooth Body Butter (Can't stop sniffing it)

Soap & Glory - The Daily Smooth Body Butter will remind you of a super delicious Vanilla shake which fill your nose with a amazing smell of vanilla and cocoa butter as you bring it closer to drink it... 
Company Says
Dew it every day with rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter. Moisturizes and leaves skin gorgeously scented with our Mist You Madly™ fragrance.

Instructions for Use Divide a small plum-sized splodge between your shins, knees, thighs, elbows, tops of toes and then everywhere else. Massage around until it all starts to sink in. (Love the fragrance? Double up with Mist You Madly body spray on top.)

Main - Aqua  Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil

Packaging- A cream and baby pink tube with flip cap. 

Smells- Divine, I just can't stop myself from sniffng it over and over again. Its mix of fruity, vanilla, coco which is very feminine. Not very strong but stays for long. Its is good that at times I want to eat this.. Imagine a freshly bake vanilla cake. yummyy

Texture of cream is thick and looks heavy initially once applied and rubbed it soaks in well and leaves skin very smooth, silky and there is no dryness left. Though its a body butter however I have used this on my face as well during winters. These days also using this, texture is non-greasy or oily. Might takes few minutes to absorb however once its settles its light fragrance lingers on.. Only small amount is enough to cover lot of area. I like to use this more on my hands so that I can enjoy its fragrance. Only down side is packaging, since texture is thick its become difficult to get product out when ts closer to finish.

Priced Rs 390 for 50 ml. This handy tube found a permanent space in my hand bag :)
Available at Sephora, Delhi

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