Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sephora Body Lotion- Mango and Orange

I never used to like fruity smelling body lotions. They kind-off used to get into my head. Untill I tried Sephora Body Lotions. I am addicted to these. I have used two variants -Orange and Mango, its difficult to say which one I liked more as both of them are yummy smelling body lotions.

Packaging- Long sleek colorful bottles with very convenient pump dispensers. However when product is about to finish pump refuse to get product out them you have to bang on back of bottle to get it out.

Left-Mango, Right-Orange

Texture of both the body lotion is same- thick however they spread with such an ease, they moisturize really well. Take a little time to absorb, gives that wet kind off felling for few seconds before it gets absorb in the skin. However these are not very good for winters dryness.  Non-greasy texture make it a good body lotion for those with oily and acne issues. They smell AMAZINGGGG... Fragrance lingers on for very long time. I can sniff it after 5-6 hours too. However those with really sensitive nose or allergic to fruity smelling lotions should stay away from it as it could bother them.

Mango Body lotion- Smells like mango paste which is not too sweet, just a delicious mango smelling body lotion in cream color

Orange Body lotion- Again no tangy orange fragrance, fruity orange yummy smell which lingers on your skin and keep it fresh


  • Amazing fragrance
  • Light texture
  • Non-Greasy
  • Moisturize well
  • Decently priced
  • Pump Dispenser


  • Available only at Sephora stores
  • Product is wasted when about to finish
  • Not very moisturizing in winters

Priced for Rs 480 for 190 ml. Which is a really good quantity. Available in other variants too.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Fun Friday- I am still around, Shopping and Upcoming wedding

Girls sorry for being MIA for such a long time. I have drafted post for Diwali and other updated but didnt get time to post them. being busy with office and family for sometime. I am not sure how frequently I will be able to post but for sure you could find updates on my  Instagram account

My cousin is getting married this month and I am shopping for tat these days.
Got beautiful artificial jewellery in Kundan and pearl to be worn with wedding outfit. (Details here)
Ear Cuffs, Ring and Jhoomer (passa)

I have decided outfit for wedding and Chura function however outfit for Sangeet/Mehendi is still pending. Zoinkkk I need to kick my as* and finalize it ASAP just a week to go now.

This week I have been to Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh and stuff myself with most delicious street food. Pao Bhaji, Faluda in Krol bagh and Moong Daal Ladoo, Chole Kulche from Chandni Chowk. I got myself some really pretty fabric from CC. waiting for my outfit now :)

It was BIL birthday we had small family get together and treat ourself with DairyMilk Chocolate cake and treat from his side.

Also got these beautiful flowers from boy as a surprize :) he went for morning walk and got me these roses.

I was on makeup shopping ban for a month and completed it successfully. I indulge myself in buying more clothes to compensate that. Bought this saree for my friend who stays in US and another one for myself. Not sure when I am going to wear it.

I need to go for dress trial, doctor appointment and parlour too on weekend. Its gonna be a busy weekend. I haven't watched any movie for sometime now. :( 

What are your weekend plans?? Have a awesome weekend, have fun

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween NailArt- Spider on my Nails

How was your Diwali, mine was good. Sorry for not posting regularly :(

I am currently enjoying my break at Mum's place :) all I do is eat, sleep, watch TV. 

So today I played around with nail paints  and after a very long time and created a Halloween Nailart.
Spooky spiders

This nailapint is so streaky but love the color, it required atleast 3 coat for a decent 

With the nailart pen black draw web and spider (my spider is little fat, he is eating too much, like me)

Product used, a bright yellow nailpaint from StreetWear (its an old one) and black nailart pen.

Also I have created my Instagram account @dressnmakeup you can can check out some action there too.
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